Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Episode 3 - Poor Howard

This week we saw the making of trifles, floating islands and petits fours. The petits fours were super good so I may have a go at some of them this week, and then I can truly call myself an accomplished baker...maybe...see how it goes first. 

I only have two remarks to make about this episode. 1) Poor Howard 2) I like your coloured jackets Mary Berry. Did you get them from Zara? Nice.

Howard, if you remember from last week, was unfortunate enough to have his English Muffin elbowed by one of the presenters. Mel casually leaned into the uncooked dough causing it to flatten. I said that perhaps the presenters were involved in some kind of competition in which they had to try and hinder the bakes of the contestants. This week I have changed my mind. I think everyone is in on it and the only person they are trying to hinder is Howard, the poor bloke. During this programme, Deborah took Howard's custard from the fridge and used it in her own trifle and guess what? Howard's custard was magnificent. This might be the the most dramatic thing that has ever happened on The Great British Bake Off. Ever. STEALING. I'm not sure why Howard is the helpless victim once more but I can only assume they singled him out as being too good at the start and thought 'lets target this one'. Sneaky Deborah.

Check out Mary's jackets, they are pretty cool.

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