Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Episode Two - bread and the psychic octopus

This week we learnt that Rob's hobby is mushroom foraging, and no-one wants a bendy bread stick.

Bread was the challenge facing the bakers this time around and gosh did they make some - peacock shaped, octopus shaped and even bread shaped, although the latter resulted in the contestant leaving the show. No-one wants bread that just looks like bread for peetsake! What the hell was Lucy thinking! This episode demonstrated that Mary and Paul are looking for more than just technical skill because frankly it just isn't good enough. What they really want is technical skill, great flavour AND a glorious design which will make fellow dinner guests gaze in disbelief. Not asking for much then.
The highlight of the programme this week was when Sue accidentally leant in an uncooked muffin. Never before has a presenter jeopardised the future of a baker, and in such a sneakily relaxed manner. I think her and Mel have a competition on their hands - who can slightly ruin a bake without the baker getting too angry. If you watch the clip back (yes I am this sad) you can see the tea-towel placed quite obviously over the raw muffins and she goes straight in for the lean, squishing one of the poor things. Lets hope next week Mel can up her game, perhaps tripping and then falling into a dessert? 

Ruby found her inner baker this week, ending up as star baker, so maybe she shouldn't run off back to uni just yet. Rob the satellite designer designed the most horrendous colourful "Paul the psychic octopus tribute" loaf which confused me rather a lot. I didn't understand what it meant (I do now thanks to Wiki) but I still don't understand why one would paint bread with food colouring. It's like making mash potato blue or making croissants pink...the point is the judges didn't like it either because it looked weird. I think he should have made a satellite shaped loaf and stuck to what he knows. Fingers crossed the satellite cake is still to come!

This week I will be making bread sticks :)

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