Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Great Beginning - crying, flirting and salty cake man

It’s the new series of the Great British Bake Off and as I am an unemployed recent graduate, I thought why not celebrate this occasion with a blog!

            Great start to the series with a show ever so similar to those which came before it, mmm as comforting as a cup of tea. Mel and Sue (presenters) were on top form, the contestants are as interesting and as batty as ever, and the cakes were magnificent. As much as I enjoy the show, it astounds me that each episode attracts over six million viewers. It just shows that warm soothing telly like this appeals to a huge demographic and, shown by the failure of the US version of the show, the programme is very bloody British and we like that.

            One episode in and there has been crying because some custard curdled, bloodshed and a man who made a salty cake. The girl who cried needs to go back to university and chill the hell out because clearly the pressure of making a sponge cake has gotten too much already. Salty cake man had to leave the competition this week, what a shocker, but it is a shame because I thoroughly enjoyed his chaotic ambiance, muttering “where’s that thing” as he started a bake. It was refreshing to have someone who clearly wasn't sure about the names of the implements never mind the science of baking.

            My favourite contestant is Glenn the English teacher who isn't taking it too seriously but who clearly has talent. I was won over when he was commanding his spaniel to “Molly, where’s the Bake Off? Find the Bake Off”. The token nerdy baker award goes to Rob, a space satellite designer who has been cursed with a tedious voice and he must have thought this would go extremely well with a tedious personality, and he has accomplished that. When tempering chocolate he was saying “it’s all about crystal structure” blahblahblah, but actually he is obviously a very clever chap and he is rather quaint in his A* student kind of way. He clearly knows what he is doing, even as far as the crystal structure, so he is one to watch out for.

            In more news, how intense will the flirting between Paul and Mary become over the series? It has got off to a meek start, but a start nevertheless, with Paul’s quip “oh you’re cruel Mary” in reference to the difficulty of the technical challenge. Sparks will fly.

            Tune in next week when I will be examining the highs and lows of bread baking, keeping up with flirt watch, nerd watch and following the sugary drama.

Final three predictions (dun dun duuun!): Beca, Rob and Howard.

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